Monday, August 10, 2009


My parents and sister came over for brisket and swimming last night, and introduced a thoroughly amused Aaron to the concept of "name songs." You see, when I was a baby, I cried a lot. So my mother made up a song to sing to me while she paced around the house, trying to make me sleep. I'll spare you the lyrics, but lets just say it rhymes "Rose" with "toes."

Then, trying to keep things fair between siblings, Katherine got her own song, which rhymes "Marie" with "be." Easy peasy. Rose and Marie rhyme with a multitude of good baby words.

Well, I had to go and name my child Declan River. And I was up half the night trying to think of things that rhyme with either of those to make him a song. Specklin'? Sliver? I actually made up a pretty interesting verse comparing him to a sliver of pie, but it sounded so frugal. Like, why wouldn't he be a whole pie? Or at least a generously-sized piece?

This morning, I decided to use a rhyming dictionary. Problem: "Declan" is not a word and therefore cannot be looked up. And I can't think of any real words that rhyme! River has some that I didn't think of - giver, liver, quiver, deliver. But those aren't good baby song words.

Oh Declan River, you have a pretty nice liver...

The rhyming dictionary also gives you phrases that rhyme, such as "cirrhosis of the liver." Yeah, real practical, rhyming dictionary. Thanks.

I'll let you know when I've come up with a brilliant masterpiece of a song.

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