Thursday, April 16, 2009

Due Date Buddies!

Okay, this is gonna be a really lame blog update, but I just wrote a novel in Julie's comment section, so I feel justified in just giving a little snippit and heading to bed. 

Confession: I've been reading the online tabloids, waiting for celebrities to announce their pregnancies so that I can find out whose babies will be born at the same time as mine. But it's been frustrating because, you know, celebs wait forever to tell the world because I guess they appreciate privacy and stuff like that. But I'm finally starting to see an announcement of two that says October, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Heidi Klum! 

I guess it could be bad for my self-image to watch these supermodels and movie stars throughout their picture-perfect pregnancies, and later to compare my kid to their rich, genetically superior kid, but whatever. 

Also, I'm fourteen weeks today, and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for which I have to pee in a cup first thing in the morning. Woohoo! (sarcasm should be noted.)

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