Friday, April 3, 2009

Fresh Start

I figured that a new title and a past-post purge was in order, all things considered.

Yesterday I celebrated the completion of my 12th week, which means that Baby is officially a fetus rather than an "embryo," has fingernails and toenails, vocal cords, a working liver and kidneys, and many other exciting things. It's helpful to remember these exciting things when I am taking my third bathroom break in an hour, so that I don't get too frustrated.

Our upcoming move to Texas has got Aaron all aflutter with anxiety, even though he's the one who insisted upon it... apparently some evil Iowans are trying to convince him that he won't find a job that pays well in Austin, so he should just stay in Iowa. I continue to roll my eyes and remind him that these unhelpful people are not experts on the Austin job market. 

The next six weeks will undoubtedly be the longest six weeks ever, but after that, it's all poolside lounging, Baby growing, and relaxing in the luxury of our condo. Oh, and a job. But I'm focusing on the bright side. If only everyone else would, too...

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julie kay said...

Oh Nat, I haven't talked to you in way too long.
I hope you and baby and aaron are doing well. I miss you. I am excited for you being in Austin this summer.
Are you going back to Iowa in the fall?