Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yes, It's Scary

Keely asked for me to tell her what being pregnant is like, because it sounds scary. Well, it scary. But it's also crazy, wonderful, annoying, surprising, and a lot of other adjectives. 

The first part was kind of like having PMS and the flu at the same time. I was bloated, moody, achy, tired, nauseous, etc. and I hated it. It was gross. 

Now, I feel fine. I've grown a full bra size, so my shoulders hurt sometimes with the weight of my newfound C-cups, and I still get tired easily. But my appetite is back, and I feel like myself again and not some demon-woman who wants to scream and kick puppies and stuff. 

And the best / weirdest part is the little tumor growing below my belly button. It's really bizarre. I've lost 8 pounds since getting pregnant, but the little lump keeps getting bigger! And it's really hard - like when you eat way too much and have a "food baby," but lower down. 

I had a doctor's appointment last Friday; Baby's heart rate was 156 bpm and everything looks right on track. My next appointment is May 15th, and that's when we'll find out whether Baby is a boy or a girl! Yay! May 15th is also the lat day of finals, so if anyone possesses time-warping powers, I'd like to fast forward to that day, please!

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keely said...

omg may 15th is coming up so soon! i cant wait to find out. im amazed at how quickly all of this is developing. like right now 9 months seem like a long time and then all of the sudden baby will be here and change your life!! AHHHH! enjoy it!