Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Orphanage

I've gotten into the habit of watching Netflix on my computer at bedtime, usually something boring that will make me fall asleep.

Well, today, I stumbled upon a "list of top Instant Viewing movies on Netflix," which was like finding treasure, because the selection is really, really bad. I wanted to see if anyone had found anything good that I had somehow missed. 

The guy recommended a movie called El Orfanato (The Orphanage). Perfect, I thought, movies with subtitles are easy to go to sleep to because if I close my eyes, I don't know what's going on!

Wrong. Unfortunately, my Spanish is good enough to understand how INSANELY CREEPY the movie was, even with my eyes closed (which they were for the last 30 minutes - not out of sleepiness, mind you - out of sheer terror). It did not put me to sleep one bit. Instead, I'm still awake, waiting anxiously for some disfigured ghost child to grab me. 

It wasn't like, permanently scarring or anything, and it was actually really well done and suspenseful and everything that a horror movie should be. I would totally recommend it to people who like scary movies. I would even watch it again. DURING THE DAYTIME! and NOT ALONE!

Learned my lesson, I suppose. Now I'll have to watch some inane comedy to calm my nerves. Or perhaps my favorite Netflix to fall asleep to - Lost Castles of England. Medieval architecture puts me right to sleep every time.


keely said...

the orphanage is SOOOOO good, i LOVED it. at first i was all racist and was like spanish wtf. but dude i was sooo wrong its an amazing movie, i cannot beleive you watched it all on your own without wetting yourself! i had to close my eyes so much! the ending is so good you have made me want to watch it again.

oh yea and NAT IS WITH CHILD!!!! OMG im so excited for you!! i think your crazy bc something live is going to come out of your vag but i hear its beautiful haha. and youre moving to austin with your boo! i have to meet him and give him my seal of approval. also julie and i have to throw you a baby shower!! yay! super excited for you and proud of you too! cant wait to meet the bundle of joy.

ps- i hope the babys daddy isnt black... and if he is... then sorry i said that i guess... hahahaha MISS YOU NATTTTTY

Natalie said...

HA! Keely, you're great.

Baby's daddy is a white-as-can-be Iowa farm boy. You'll like him, he's very manly, with muscles and hair.

I love you Keely!