Friday, April 10, 2009

Name Game

We have tentative top 10 name lists!

And by tentative, I mean it's entirely possible that Baby's name will not come from these lists. Aaron and I are just about polar opposites as far as naming style, so go ahead and give me the benefit of the doubt here, and assume that any name that you think is just terrible is Aaron's pick.

Boys: Declan, Beckett, Noah, Liam, Asher, Everett, Holden, Rowan, Ezra, Kieran

Girls: Clara, Annabelle, Harper, Lila, Evelyn, Ivy, Lillian, Calla, Kaia, Emmeline

I'm a little self-conscious about putting the names out in the public, but I really do value honest feedback. As much as naming a child is about picking a name that the parents love, I definitely want Baby to have a name that is well-liked by the general public, as well. Maybe that's just the people-pleaser in me.

And those are just first names. The real battle begins with what should be the easy part: middle names. Why a battle? Because Aaron wants to honor his family, and they all seem to have names of questionable style, such as Eugene and Doris. I'd kind of like to honor my family, too, but I haven't even brought that up yet, I've been too busy shooting down Nimrod. 

Yes, his great-grandfather was named Nimrod.


julie kay said...

Dude, just make Nimrod the first name and your problem is solved.

But if you want my honest opinion, I like everything minus declan, ezra (isnt that a girls name in the bible), kaia, and emmeline.
But it isn't my baby. So. Yeah.

Natalie said...

ezra was a boy in the bible

but i basically agree with your judgements.

except about nimrod. blech.