Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Can't Resist

Here is one more picture from Baby Boy's first photo sesh...

This is his foot! How tiny. And foot-like.

I'm just in awe. I'm also dressed in all blue, right down to my bra and panties. I can't wait until Aaron gets off and we can go to the store and buy our first baby item! I can't decide what it should be - a tiny onesie? A blue blanket? Some itty-bitty converse to melt Keely's heart? I'll let you know. 

I can't focus at all. Confession time - since finding out about Baby in February, I've been stockpiling a list of baby clothes stores, and it's now a 3-page long word doc. So all I've been doing this afternoon is going through that list and filling up many, many "shopping carts" with clothes. Of course I know that I won't buy them all, but it doesn't hurt to look.

Also, I'll make a separate post tomorrow about his name one I have the final conversation with Aaron, but we're pretty set on it. 

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