Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So Many Things

Okay I have a lot to write about. So feel free to skip over the boring parts. Living alone, even just for a week, has made me really talkative. Since I don't have anyone to vent all of the minute details of my life to anymore, I have to do it here. 

The move to Austin went well. Aaron and I managed to drive down here without killing each other, and he loves the condo. We're both still stressed about the job / money situation (That is, I don't have a job, he needs a new job, and neither of us have any money.) 

BUT, I have an interview at 3 o'clock today which might solve 2/3 of that problem. That is a story in and of itself, which I will probably tell you. Heh.

Anyway, I love being back. And it will only get better when Julie gets home from Europe! The condo is great, but it still feels like living in a hotel to me. The owners are moving some more furniture out today, and giving me two futons, so maybe once the looming threat of strangers entering my house is passed, it will feel more like home. 

The best part is living near family. My Aunt Sue is the best person to live alone next to. Why? She texts me when she's made oatmeal, is going for a walk, is wondering if I need to go to the store, etc. etc. And it's great, because my days are spent in my pajamas, looking mournfully at my empty email inbox, waiting for someone to want to hire me. Like a puppy at the pound, with my resume posted on my kennel, and all of these men and women in suits are passing by, glancing at it, and walking away. But Aunt Sue drags me out of the house and makes me do stuff, makes me eat stuff (besides ice cream and easy mac), and makes me think about something other than my own joblessness. 

Today we went on a hike up and down the hills near the condos - gawking at super expensive, lakefront houses are a good distraction from the pains I get from my too-tight-around-the-belly shorts. We went up to a vista overlooking the lake, and she pointed out this giant monstrosity of a house. Apparently it belongs to the owner / creator of Dungeons and Dragons. It's an authentic Italian villa - aka, he had it SHIPPED HERE FROM ITALY! How stupid. This guy spent $50 million to ship a house here just so that it was actually ancient rather than faux-ancient. At least when he dies he says he's giving it to the city to use as a museum for all of his renaissance art. 

So that's a fun fact that I learned today. Story 2: So as you know, I've been super lazy since Aaron left. My only obligation is to apply to jobs, which I can do with a few clicks of the mouse. So, basically, my life has been moving at a very slow pace. But today, the condo owners are coming to move their furniture at 12. So I go on a long walk with Sue at 9, get back at 11:30, and try to take the quickest shower ever, thinking the owners will be here any minute. At 11:50 something, I check my email and this company wants to interview me. Yay! So I respond that I'm free any time. Around 12:45 they respond, "How about 3 pm?" As in, today. So, still waiting for movers and owners and such to show, I try to throw on interview-appropriate attire, put on makeup, AND find a ride to a 3 pm interview. Because if no one can drive me, I have to be on the bus at 1:40. 

Luckily, Aunt Sue can drive me. What a total mess. And now it's nearing 2 pm, the owners still haven't shown up, and I'm all dressed and ready for an interview that isn't happening for another hour. Ha. That was the most chaos that I've had since school ended. 

In a quick baby update, Declan is kicking me night and day, and growing like a weed (Well, I'm assuming, because my belly sure is). Also, in a non-baby update, I'm pretty severely allergic to the pesticide that is used on nectarines. I found this out when I ate my first non-organic nectarine, and promptly got itchy, feverish, shivery, light-headed, and threw it up. Then I felt totally better. Lovely, I know.

Okay, I'm done. Hopefully I'll have a happy "I have a job!" update to write soon. Wish me luck.

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