Saturday, May 2, 2009

Packing Already?

I dreamed last night that I had a baby girl, but I was carrying a doll around in her place for "practice." We hadn't picked a name yet, but my mom was calling her Ruby. Two ladies in the video store told me she was pretty. I hope that this is me being psychic again (but not about Ruby, that's not her name).

Today is beautiful - 70 degrees and sunny. Everyone is outside on the grass, smoking and grilling food and napping and playing frisbee. I, on the other hand, have spent the day cleaning my room and packing away my winter clothes and some of the things I won't need before we move. I'm still stressed about how exactly we're getting to Austin, but Aaron refuses to admit that we need to rent a car. I have TONS of stuff! And even if I give half of it away to Goodwill, I have more than can fit in his Mustang. Way more. 

Oh well. I feel very accomplished for cleaning my room. Now all I have to do is get through this coming week and finals week! I should be in Austin by the 20th. 


julie kay said...

the 20th?!
but i am leaving the 16th and not coming back until june 4 :(

Natalie said...

NOOO! The 16th is the day after my last final. I guess I'll see you June 4th :(

keely said...

haha ruby. yea do NOT name the kid that