Thursday, May 14, 2009


I take back what I said about making a name announcement today... I thought we had it settled but then last night Aaron says that he's second guessing our choice! 

The roles have totally reversed - isn't it supposed to be my job to not make up my mind? We're still sure about the first name, but he's being fickle about the middle name, and I want to announce them both together. Anyway, we should have it settled by the weekend. 

I can't stop looking at Baby's pictures and doodling his name everywhere like a lovesick schoolgirl! Somebody stop me! 

Other big news, I made my first baby-related purchase. This onesie from Pottery Barn Kids was marked way down, and it was too cute to pass up! My little pumpkin. He can wear it on Halloween (God I hope he's here by Halloween otherwise I'll be 42 weeks pregnant and ready to kill someone).  

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