Friday, October 2, 2009

Brilliant Plan

You know how stuff always seems to happen when you're least prepared for it?

Well, thats what I'm counting on.

I really want this baby out. So I decided that the best plan would be to put some really embarrassing temporary tattoos on my belly, so that I would go into labor and not have time to wash them off, and the nurses will laugh at me.

I'm willing to sacrifice my dignity in order to bring on childbirth.

Right now I have a minotaur tattoo. As soon as it starts to fade, I think I'll put on the Sphinx. Or maybe the Medusa.

Thank God Pat had a "Mythical Beast Tattoo" book hidden away on a top shelf. And if my plan takes longer than expected, I'll start using Pat's Celtic Art Tattoos.


Anonymous said...

Jaci's mom hopped up and down the street during the last weeks of her pregnancy when she was ready for Jaci to come out. Maybe you can try that!

Just Ashley said...

I am anxiously awaiting news of baby boy's arrival every day now. Taking it the tattoos haven't worked so far? Oh well, there's always castor oil. Just kidding of course, yuck! Thinking of you always, dear cousin (and fetus second cousin)!