Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Due Date

Well, no baby today. My blood pressure was high, but not high enough to be an emergency. Just high enough to bump my induction date up to Monday rather than Friday, which I'm thrilled about.

You should have seen the extreme measures that Aaron and I took to raise my blood pressure this morning. First I got up and took a brisk walk around the neighborhood, then he screamed along with annoying loud music all the way to the doctors'. We parked far away and walked to the office, all the while Aaron is screaming obscenities at passing traffic - nothing like a healthy dose of embarrassment to raise that BP! When we got there he made me take a lap around the parking lot, then do jumping jacks in the hallway outside the office. And all with a neverending stream of insults, stupid jokes, and playful pinches.

So yeah, we kind of faked it. But karma's a bitch, and we didn't get induced despite our wonderfully successful effort.

Melodee and Jeff (Aaron's mom and stepdad) are here, and we're going to Buffet Palace to have dinner. Wish me luck on not making a pig of myself with the crab rangoon...

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Angie said...

Well, at least ya'll tried to have him today. Maybe the crab rangoon (or whatever the heck you said, LOL) will bring on labor by this weekend:) If not, then at least you know you're having him Monday or early Tuesday at the latest..we'll be waiting for the good news:)