Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Just got home from my 40 week doctor's appointment.

The stats are: 3 cm dilated, 75% effaced, and Declan's at a -1 station.

Another stat: Blood pressure was 140/70.

While that might seem like a nice number for people who regularly have a higher BP, it's scary for me, because I'm usually like 100/60. My doctor is mildly concerned - I have to go back at 7:45 am (ughhh...) on Thursday to re-check it. If my BP is still high, she'll send me straight over to the hospital to be induced.

Aaron is super pumped and wants to try and keep my blood pressure high on purpose. Honestly, Thursday would be a great day to have him, for many reasons, but I don't think I'm willing to stress myself out and eat lots of high sodium foods just to get induced... although I do like salty food...

The doctor also "stripped my membranes" which is code for "wiggled her fingers around inside my cervix in order to cause as much pain as possible while giggling at the horrified expression on my face."

Luckily the hospital has free wi-fi, so I'll update on Thursday morning whether it's from my couch-nest or my hospital bed.

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Angie said...

When Ashley was pregnant with Michael, she developed high blood pressure at the very end of her pregnancy..they put her in the hospital for a night (or two..can't remember), then sent her home. The next day is when we went to the doctor for her appt and found out she'd been in labor part of the night..so..I think that's why her bp was high in the first place. Maybe yours means he's about to make his appearance:) Good luck!