Monday, October 5, 2009

Walk It Out

Last night was the full moon, and still, nothing. Everyone kept telling me that he would definitely come during the full moon, and they got my hopes up.

I was so disappointed last night that I resorted to walking laps around the condo complex, trying to somehow "absorb" full moon into my body. After six laps, I thought I might be having a contraction, but it turns out it was just a stitch in my side. As soon as I drank some water and sat down, I felt fine. Boo.

So then Aaron and I tried walking to the gas station and back. Nothing. On the way back to the condo we started discussing induction. I just honestly don't think Declan is going to come on his own at this point. I have absolutely zero symptoms of early labor. I feel fine. I was able to walk about four miles total last night with no results. I mean, if anything was going to put me into labor, four miles under the full moon should have done it, right?!

Anyway, we've decided to talk to the doctor at my appointment tomorrow about possibly getting induced on my due date, Thursday the 15th. If I go before then, fine. But if I don't, at least we'd have a for-sure date to look forward to. And it really would be nice to have him on a Thursday, so that Aaron could have four school-less days with us, and his step-dad, Jeff, could stay for the whole weekend before going back to New Mexico for work.

So we'll see what the doctor says tomorrow. She may say no, or she may let us do it even sooner than that - Aaron's rooting for this Thursday, the 8th. Yikes! I always said I didn't want to be induced, ever, that I'd rather be 42 weeks pregnant than get pitocin, blah blah blah... Yeah, I had obviously never been 39 weeks pregnant. There's just so much anxiety and excitement building up, and I'm scared that if I don't get induced, I'll be pregnant forever.

Not really, but that's what it feels like.

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Angie said...

When Ashley was in labor with Michael, she didn't even know it! We went for her regular doctors appt. and they checked her and said "go to the hospital, you're in labor!". So hang in there..maybe you're in labor and just don't have the pains yet:) Hang in there!