Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nearing the End

With my induction scheduled for Monday, I'm trying to live every childless moment to its fullest this weekend, to appreciate my last few days of only being responsible for myself. I still cannot wait for Declan to be born, but now that the event is looming before me, I realize that it's going to be a huge change, and I should savor the way my life is right now, rather than wishing for it to be different. It will be very different soon enough, and then it will never go back to this.

Luckily it's a great weekend to savor. Austin is gorgeous - highs in the 70s, dipping into the 50s at night, clear skies, crisp breezes... Fall is here, and it's better than I remembered. Or maybe I'm just more appreciative, since I've suffered through the summer with lots of extra poundage!

Yesterday Aaron, Melodee, Jeff and I drove out to Fredericksburg to walk up and down the rows of antique shops, ice cream parlors, vintage boutiques, and candle makers. It was very quaint, and I had a good time. Except that one time when a shopkeeper (only half jokingly) told me to "get out of her store!" because she's "like, terrified of blood!" That was after she asked me when I was due, and I gave a good-natured chuckle and said, "Yesterday!" I'm not sure why she thought I was going to give birth right there on her antique rugs, but I left in a hurry.

Tomorrow night we're having "The Last Supper" at my parents' house with Grandma, Melodee and Jeff. Beef stew! And pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting! Because after that, I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything until I successfully give birth.

I'm sure I'll update on Sunday night when I can't sleep because I'm so excited and nervous! If not, and I actually manage to tire myself out enough to sleep despite the anxiety, I guess I'll update next in the P.D. era - post Declan. Love to all!


Anonymous said...

so, if you wanted, you could totally save me some cake! I would love it! Can't wait to be home and see you pre-D for the last night!

Natalie said...

if you guys are gonna be home in time, you're invited, too! my mom made a big pot of lentils and another big pot of beef stew, so there will be plenty for everyone. i'd love for you to be present at the last supper!

Just Ashley said...

I will be at work tomorrow anxiously awaiting news of Declan! Very, very excited for you guys!