Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Declan at 22 months

It is so funny to be due on Declan's birthday, because while I'm counting down the months/weeks/days until my due date (56 days today!) I'm also counting down to Declan being TWO years old.

It blows my mind that he'll be two so soon. Feels like we just celebrated his first birthday. This year has flown by.

At two months out from his birthday, Declan is an absolute ball of energy, fun, curiosity, stubbornness, joy, and love.

Here are the words that Declan knows, with his pronunciations in parentheses: Mama, Dada, hi, choo-choo, shoe, eye, please ("sees"), outside ("ah-sigh"), Elmo ("oh-wo"), owie ("ah-ee"), what's that? ("ah-sat?")

He can make the sounds for dog, cat, cow, horse, elephant, snake, sheep, and anything that roars. He can identify pretty much all of his body parts on command. Speaking of commands, he follows them really well - when he wants to. Go get a diaper, throw that away, give this to Daddy... he likes being put to work. As long as he's not feeling obstinate, because then he will run the other way. And at almost two, he feels obstinate about 75% of the time. :)

Declan may not be saying much, but he can nod and shake his head like a champ. It is so nice to not have to play the baby guessing game any more.

He's still in diapers. I don't want to push the potty-training thing before he's ready. Aaron does. He wants to buy a pack of underwear and just put him in them. I told him we'd better invest in a carpet shampooer first.

He also still uses his pacifier once in a while to fall asleep. That's mostly out of our own laziness as parents. He goes to sleep faster with it, and stays asleep. And we are tired. So we give it to him. But only at naptime and bedtime! And if he falls asleep without it, awesome. We don't force it on him, we just keep it on the bedside to table to pop in if he starts to stir at some ungodly hour.

Things Declan loves right now: Thomas the train, Blue's Clues, Elmo, reading books, all animals, splashing in the bath, running, eating with a fork, DADA!

Things Declan hates right now: getting his nails clipped, anything being on the TV besides Thomas, Blue, or Elmo, Mama wiping his face after meals, being left alone in a room, any time that he doesn't have Mama or Dada's full attention

Rough schedule at 22 months:

Wakes up between 7 and 8 usually (all depends on bedtime the night before)
Lunch around noon
Down for nap between 2 and 3
Wake up around 4, eat snack
Dinner between 6 and 7
Sometimes another small snack at 8:30 or 9 if he didn't eat much dinner
Bedtime at 10, usually asleep by 10:30

Just wanted to do a quick update. Gotta get my tired big boy to bed.

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