Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week Thirty-Three

Week 33 of pregnancy: August 24-31, 2011

Symptoms: Nothing new, just tired. Dealt with a stomach virus and recovering from a cold, but neither are pregnancy related.

I haven't been quite as hungry this week. I think I'm hitting that suck-tastic point in pregnancy when the baby takes up too much room for mama to enjoy a full meal. Could also be related to the tummy bug we all had last weekend.

Worked two very, very short-handed shifts Saturday and Sunday. This may be self-centered, but seriously, if I can come to work eight months pregnant with a cold AND a stomach virus, you can suck it up and come, too.

I started feeling icky Friday night - just kind of "off." I figured I had just eaten too much and blew it off. But when I went to bed, my heartburn was 1,000 times worse than usual. I ended up getting almost no sleep, moving to the recliner at 2 am, and spending most of the wee hours of the morning on the toilet. Sorry for the TMI.

It continued during work in the morning. Cramps, nausea, tummy issues... i was in and out of the bathroom every half hour or so. Finally I sucked it up and had some Sprite and toast. I felt much better by the time I left work. Declan had it around the same time, and Aaron had a very mild version on Friday. We're all over it now, thank goodness.

So, thirty three weeks. Seven weeks left. No appointment this week, but I have one next week (it should be boring). I am going to ask how my platelet count was, and if she can tell how the baby's laying (I *think* he's head down, but he moves all the time). Oh, and I need to ask if I can pre-register at the hospital. Or if it's even necessary. It seems like every time I go, all I have to do is tell them my name and they pull all of my records right up. But my doc is from the big city, too, so hopefully she won't think I'm silly for asking.

I got an email from Priceline today with my mom's flight itinerary for October 15-23! I am so excited for her to come. I am thinking about starting my maternity leave on the 15th, so that I won't be at work most of the time she's here. Or maybe I'll just take a couple extra days off. God knows, at 40 weeks pregnant, I'll need them anyway. Fingers crossed, baby Asher will already be here by then and this is all moot.

Speaking of Asher, Declan can say his name pretty well! I don't think he knows what he's saying, but it comes out like "ASH-oo!" and is super cute. He also started saying Ernie ("uh-nee") and kiiind of saying grandma & grandpa ("bah-ma" and "bah-pa").

I'm so excited that tomorrow is September 1st! That means it will be exactly a month until I start trying to get Asher to come out (I'll be 37 weeks, full term). of course I'm not expecting him to come until at LEAST mid-October, but we shall see. Everyone else seems to think I'll go early this time.

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