Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tonight's Conversation

I love that Declan is learning words. It makes life more fun. Especially when he will try a new word, and it comes out all wrong, but we clap and cheer anyway, because he made an effort. A lot of times when we ask him to say a new word, he will just smile at us like "You know full well I can't say that, silly Mama."

So here's what went down tonight. Nothing too exciting, but it was so cute that I wanted to record it. For a few years down the road when he talks non stop, to remind myself that there was once a time when we were overjoyed with each new word and sound.

Declan: (holds up empty cup) Unh!
Me: Is it all gone? Say 'all gone!'
Declan: (smiles at me like I'm crazy and tries to put cup in my hand)
Me: Do you want more? You have to say 'more!'
Declan: Umm?
Me: Yes! More!
Declan: Uh-mah!
Me: Good job! More! Now say 'please!'
Declan: Sees!
Me: (getting up from couch to refill the sippy) More please!
Declan: Mah! Sees! EEEEEES!

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