Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week Thirty-Two

Week 32 of pregnancy: August 17-24, 2011

Symptoms: Heartburn. Tired. Lots of baby hiccups.

A pretty normal week, compared to week 31. Thursday was painful, but since then I've had no pain at all. I think he must have turned head-down.

At my appointment today, my doctor noticed that I had low platelets when they took my blood last week. she said normal is above 150,000 per mL, and mine was 124,000. Not anywhere near being "dangerously low," but if they remained below 150k, I wouldn't be allowed to have an epidural.

And that would be tragic.

Apparently, low platelets means your blood is thinner and slower to clot. And somehow, an epidural is dangerous if your blood won't clot. so let's just hope that my platelets go up before October!

Otherwise, we're doing well. I feel like I've been more tired this week, but then again, Declan has been skipping his nap, which means I'm skipping mine, too. :)

Speaking of sleep, I'm going to start getting ready for bed. My favorite time of day!

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