Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Official Guesses and Wishes

The last paragraph of my 33 week post inspired me to make a separate post about my guesses for the stats of Asher's birth.

I was actually thinking about that this morning, when I was online shopping for birth announcements (obviously wouldn't order them until after he's born!) and I was putting fake stats in as filler.

So, we'll start with my "ideal".

Born on Monday, October 10
Labor starts at 1 pm with water breaking
Born around 5:30 pm
8 lbs 3 oz, 21 in

And here's why :

10-10 would be a cool birthday, Lindsey will be back from her vacation, I'll be 38 weeks 5 days, it just seems like a good day overall to be born. He'd be 5 days old when Mom comes, so we'd be home from the hospital and able to enjoy her visit.

I'd like labor to start with water breaking because then it's CLEAR that it's time to go to the hospital. Rather than having to time contractions, possibly being sent home because they're not strong/regular enough, etc. And if it happens after 1 pm, I'll be done with my work and able to leave without it being a burden to my coworkers.

Obviously the 4.5 hour labor is wishful thinking. But I'd love to be done before dinnertime. :)

8 lbs 3 oz seems like a good weight, and I think it's realistic for this baby at almost 39 weeks. Although I really get the vibe that he could be bigger, this is my ideal.

My more realistic guesses / what I'm feeling:

Born Thursday, October 20
Labor starts at 7 am with induction
Born around 2 pm
9 lbs 1 oz, 21 in

Here's why:

I am just feeling that I'm not that lucky. I think I'll have to be induced again. I really don't trust that my body knows how to have a contraction without Pitocin, since it has never happened before. (Logically, I know that I would, eventually, go into labor on my own. I just think that I'll run out of patience first and my doc will agree to induce.) I picked the 20th so that my Mom would still be here for the length of our hospital stay.

Declan was born at 4:38, so I figure I can take off 2.5 hours since 1) I will know what I'm doing re: pain management, and 2) I'm already all stretched out. LOL

I have a gut feeling that this little guy won't be so little. I'm guessing just over 9 lbs if I go full-term.

Anyone reading this, feel free to tell me what you think! I will try and get Aaron to guess when I talk to him later. The only prediction I've gotten out of him so far is that he thinks Asher will look like me. :)

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Ashley said...

Well, no 2 labors are the same. I had to have pitocin the second time around after none the first time. Also, most ladies will tell you that subsequent deliveries were much faster. Your body knows what it is doing now, so you may have a classic Hollywood labor. I am excited to see how it plays out :)

ALso, i love the name. Kinda close to Ashley LOL <-- I know it has nothing to do with that, but love it all the same.