Sunday, September 20, 2009

All Showered Out

Well, the baby shower was a success! We only have a few little things left to buy before we're totally, completely ready. Hooray!

Julie was a big winner...
She only crossed her legs once, and no one caught her. But she sure caught everyone else!

Aaron's mom, Melodee, and her husband Jeff bought us a year's worth of cloth diapering service... We love them. Forever. That is a huge, huge deal. Anyway, the gift certificate for the diaper service was delivered to us tucked inside a little cloth diaper with a Snappi. So of course I had to demonstrate my diapering skillz on a teddy bear :)

Big thank yous to everyone who came, and to those who couldn't come, we missed you! Hopefully we'll make it up to Mount Pleasant sometime this winter, so that everyone up there can meet Declan (and Aaron!)


Just Ashley said...

Believe me, we wanted to be there! And AWESOME on the diapering service!!

julie kay said...