Monday, September 21, 2009


Well I don't know exactly what I did to deserve this, but something really funny happened today!

So Aaron was craving Chinese food (I swear, the boy gets more cravings than I do.) We headed over to Wok and Roll, but I really didn't feel like eating anything there, and Thundercloud is right down the street, so he agreed to go through the Thundercloud drive-thru and get me a Cali Club.

Annnyway, we get to the drive-thru window and this guy, about my age, opens the sliding glass and goes, "Hey, I remember you guys! What's up? Y'all want some free chips and drinks?"

Uh, yes?

Actually, my immediate reaction was, "No, um, that's okay," because I was so bewildered. Luckily Aaron's emphatic "Yeah, sure!" drowned me out. So we got free chips and drinks, and the whole time this Thundercloud guy is like, "Yeah man, alright. I like y'all. Anything else?"

So we tipped him $3.60 on a $5.20 order, and got the hell outta Dodge before he could realize that he actually didn't remember us from anywhere. Once home, we popped in Apocalypto and shared a Cali Club, cashew chicken, Cool Ranch Doritos, egg drop soup, and Sierra Mist. A veritable feast.

I'll have to pay it forward somehow. Maybe I'll bake some cookies and hand them out on the bus on my way to the doctor's office tomorrow. Because that would be sketchy at all...

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