Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rainy Days, Birth Days

It's so dreary here today. I just want to curl up with a book and a cup of tea. But I can't, because 1) I've read all the books in the house and 2) all of our tea is caffeinated. So I'm curling up with milk and my computer. But not really curling, because my body is so unwieldy that it's the best I can do to plop down and throw my legs onto the coffee table in front of me. So really, my plans have been dashed, once again.

Cleaning didn't go exactly as I'd imagined. I had the motivation, but was lacking the stamina. The kitchen is spotless, the rest of the house is rather unchanged. Oh well.

Last night I (partially) packed my hospital bag. I kept telling myself, "You won't wear this again until you're a mom!" and "You won't use this chapstick again until you're a mom!" causing myself to get pitifully weepy. I think I packed too many clothes for Declan, but they're so small that they hardly take up any room at all. Besides, I have no idea how big he'll be, so I had to pack outfits in multiple sizes. Just in case.

Bed rest made time drag by unbelievably slowly, and being off bed rest is making it really fly! Not that I'm doing much differently. I keep shaking my head in amazement that it's Thursday. Thursday is the day before Friday, which is one week from when Becky gets home, and then it's Saturday, which is one week from the baby shower, then it's Sunday, and Julie will finally be old like me! I think it was Labor Day that threw me off. Yeah, we'll blame Labor Day and not blame the ever-growing list of things that I still need to do before giving birth.

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