Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oxford Comma Day

I thought it would never happen, but nesting mode has finally kicked in.

It was talking to Melodee on the phone last night that put me in high gear - she and Jeff are coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks after Declan's born, and they're already packed and ready to go. Yikes! Having visitors over to sit on the couch and chat is one thing, having visitors live in your house is another!

So I decided to get off my butt and make our house more than just "presentable." I made my own vinegar and water mixture in a spray bottle, unwrapped a new roll of paper towels, put on Vampire Weekend (great cleaning music, if you're looking for some) and took off. I'm emptying drawers, scrubbing baseboards, getting rid of embarrassingly old leftovers in the fridge, even taking the cushions off the monstrous green velvet couch and vacuuming underneath!

Anyone who knows me knows I normally hate this. But when I've got "Oxford Comma" playing merrily in the background, I just feel so happily productive. You may wonder how I'm writing a blog post if I'm so "productive"... I just wondered that, too. My only excuse is that the toilet cleaner said to let it sit for 10 minutes. I guess I didn't realize that I could be cleaning something *else* for 10 minutes...

Um, back to work?

**Four minutes later** Edit! Update! I just made a magnet. As in, I just krazy-glued a magnet to the back of a random wooden Texas that Pat had in a drawer. And stuck it on the fridge. My blogging break is totally redeemed.

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