Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I spent all day today planning the baby shower. Talk about mentally exhausting.

So I was thinking it would just be casual get together - some chips and dip, some cupcakes, paper plates and napkins, etc.

Well, Grandma had other ideas. By the end of the day, I was polishing her good silver salad forks and ironing the Spanish linen tablecloth.

Christina-the-floral-department-lady at Randalls totally broke my heart when she told me that they don't have ANY blue flowers. I was like, hello, I can think of a dozen different blue flowers off the top of my head and you have NONE? Unacceptable, Christina, unacceptable. She was like, how about lavender? Um, Christina, I just picked out two "It's a boy!" mylar balloons. You really think I want a lavender centerpiece? Too bad Christina can't make this.

Anyway, the plans are now a mish-mash of my casual, low-maintenance style and Grandma's lofty plans for a high tea. We'll be serving cupcakes on a sterling silver platter. No joke. And drinking punch from bone china tea cups. I'm excited.

My doctor's appointment yesterday went well. I'm 1.5 centimeters, 80% effaced, and he's at a minus two station. I hope those pictures, particularly the last two, sufficiently explain why I now waddle.


julie kay said...

So I have no idea what the doctors stuff means, but I hope it's good.

And I wish Christina could make that too. It's so pretty!

I will see you sooooooooon

Natalie said...

yay, see you soon!!