Monday, September 7, 2009

Belly of the Whale

Here's the latest pic, 34.5 weeks:

I spent the morning poolside chatting with Marcie, and the afternoon sorting old pictures with Grandma. Definitely more than ready for my doctor's appointment tomorrow when she'll let me off of bed rest!! I have big plans for tomorrow afternoon; walk to Randall's, mail Sue's package, swim laps... um... other fun things that I've been missing out on...

Wednesday is Cleaning Day, as in, a major household scrub-down to catch up on the month that I have been unable to clean. The nesting instinct is definitely setting in, because (as those close to me know very well) I am SO not a cleaner. But for the past week all I've wanted to do was wipe down counters, empty trash cans, vacuum the corners, etc. Very out of character.

Time is flying by. Sue's birthday is in two days, my mom's is in three, Julie's and Ashley's is in six. Sue gets back from her trip to Big Bend on Sunday, then Becky gets back Friday, then my baby shower is Saturday. After this whole slew of birthdays and homecomings and parties, Declan is free to arrive at any time!

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