Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Change

An uneventful doctors appointment today. There's been no change since last time, despite the contractions and other random pains I've been having. Oh well, the longer Declan stays in, the better.

But thank God for the new TV season. As long as I'm sitting around here waiting to give birth, I might as well have entertainment. And today I almost choked on my cereal when Dan woke up next to Georgina in Gossip Girl's latest episode. Rainy days like these were made for Cookie Crisp and trashy teen TV!

Warning, I'm about to get totally sappy.

The last week or so has been the best week ever in the history of my relationship with Aaron. He loves his job, so he comes home happy, and we're both so, so excited about Declan. Aaron has never been this nice, or this helpful. And to hear him talk on the phone to his family and friends about how much he loves me, and our son, and our life here, and to know he's not lying, just melts my heart. I hope this doesn't all crumble once we have a wailing newborn in the house.

Now I'm busy getting call-lists ready (Who to call the beginning of labor, who to call after birth, and who just gets a text... Major life decisions!) and preparing the house for the in-laws - Aaron's mom and step-dad, who are driving in from New Mexico to stay with us for a couple of weeks after Declan's born. Bags are packed, bassinet is assembled, blankets and clothes are washed and folded in the dresser... All we need is a baby!

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julie kay said...

oh my goodness the last gossip girl was AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG.