Friday, September 4, 2009


Okay, so the back story is that I am registered for my baby shower at Babies R Us, which we'll call BRU from here on out. And the only other Natalie Schr0eder registered at BRU is from McKinney, Texas, which is where my mother grew up and her family still lives. But I wasn't worried that people would get confused, because it's pretty common knowledge that Aaron and I are in Austin. Not to mention that the other Natalie's due date was sometime last year (BRU keeps registries on file for 12 months after your due date, for returns purposes.)

So just now, I get on BRU's website to change something on my registry (and also to check if anything's been purchased, because I'm nosy like that) and the search for "Natalie Schroeder" comes up with THREE results rather than the usual two.

Natalie #3's location? Austin, Texas. What are the frickin' odds of that, huh? Is there anyone with my name living OUTSIDE of Texas? #3 has no listed partner, but she does have a maiden name listed. She's due in December.

There are some people invited to my shower who don't know me very well... I really hope they use their best deduction skills and do not click on #3's name, because she's having a girl with a pink and brown butterfly themed nursery.

Also, Sue just texted me that Jennie Frederick RSVPed yes for my baby shower. My initial reaction was excitement, because someone RSVPed already, but that quickly faded to confusion because who the hell is Jennie Frederick? I figured she must be someone from my mom's office. I called my mom. No Jennie Frederick at the office.

Wild scenarios started running through my head. Could Jennie be my mail carrier lady, who saw the invitations and decided she'd like to join us? Maybe she's been obsessively reading the postcards I send out and feels like we're best friends. Or maybe Jennie is a lonely old woman who received an invite by accident because I wrote an address down wrong, and even though she doesn't have a clue who I am, was so excited to be invited that she ignored the fact that her name wasn't on the invitation?

I was determined to solve the Jennie Frederick mystery. I trekked through the torrential rains to Sue's house (read: walked about 50 feet across the parking lot while it was drizzling) and asked her, "Sue, WHO is Jennie Frederick?!"

"Um, Julie's... sister? Cousin?"

"Aunt Sue, you mean Jeanna? Jeanna G00drich?"

"I guess so! You know me and names..."

So hooray for Jeanna coming to the shower, but boo on Sue for getting me all excited about a mystery guest! Actually, it's really funny now that I think about it.

Add to this excitement a letter from Rachel and a free sample diaper from Huggies (whole 'nother story for another day) and today has been pretty fun-filled. Comparatively.

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Jeanna said...

Natalie, I will be Jennie Frederick for you ANY day. I love you and miss you and REALLY can't wait to see you!!